Saturday, 18 June 2011

First Gyaru Meet!

So a couple of weeks ago i went to my first ever gyaru meet!!!
I grabbed my falsies, strapped my little boots on and grabbed the less than magical coach to London to meet with the fabulous Delight Gals!

Getting to London was a bit of a bore. The coach was really busy and I foolishly sat next to a rather errr.... 'wide' guy, to put it politely.
Fortunately we stopped off at heathrow and he got off, leaving a whole double seat for me! Luxury!
When I arrived in London it was the first time navigating the tube on my own, it was kinda scary :/ But the TFL guys at the stations are awesome and really helpful! I eventually got to Leicester Square, even if I was half an hour late OTL.
By the time I got there everyone had moved on to PURIKURA!! Fortunately the purikura place is the ONLY place I know in chinatown so I plodded on over to finally meet with the gals!!

I had literally never seen so many gals in the same place, everyone had so many diverse styles! It was really breathtaking :D We all had a bit of a quick touch up on makeup and the it was PURIKURA TIME! :D :D

We basically tried to squish as many people into the booth as we could! It was so funny, everyone kept falling over each other XD

After Purikura we headed over to the trocadero for super-awesome arcade tiems!! Ame and I had a play on a ddr-alike machine that was full of k-pop :D. Now, I will say that I know absolutely nothing about k-pop *fail* so I'm so glad I had Ame there to choose the songs!! I had to go on easy for all of them, it's been years since i played ddr. it was actually quite sad as I used to be good back in my teens, but now i'm all fat and uncoordinated! lulz XD

After the arcade we went and sat in the troc and waited for a few more gals to show up. We did proper introductions and I mumbled my way through a few conversations. Lolz, i was feeling super-shy that day and really didn't speak unless spoken to. Really quite unlike me!

After we collected all the Gals, we made our way over to meet up with a few of the Lolis who were filming for a documentary about UK lolitas!! I got to see my darling Chrissii who I'd not seen in faaaarrr too long and we got a couple of decent pics :D

Big Group Shot. Lulz, i have derp face.

Me, Chrissii and Ame

After saying goodbye to Chrissii, Doudou, Kyra and the other lolis we made our way to Karaoke! I SUCK at karaoke, unless of course I am drunk XD. I kept pretty quiet while the other gals did a fab time of wrecking up the mic. Emmie, Maire and Ananya did a fantastic job of singing Patchwork and I nearly split my sides! But then... A WILD GAGA APPEARED! It was super-effective against my shyness :D ended up BELTING out bad romance with everybody! Such a fab end to the afternoon. We then paid up and made our way outside, a welcome breath of air at this point as the karaoke bar was like a sweatbox D: urrrrgh. Sadly at that point it was my time to go, I said goodbye to everyone and went to grab the tube home.


Cue a frantic rush back to victoria that took nearly an hour from earl's court. Sadly by the time i got to victoria station it was too late. I had missed my coach. For those of you that know me well enough, it's actually tradition for me to miss my coach in London XD. After a quick, reassuring call with the Boyf I went and did exactly what i should have done instead of panicking. Went and bought Coke, Vodka and a Train ticket home on my credit card!! There was a party happening back at home and if I got the train I was going to be there much sooner than if I got the coach anyway! So i proceeded to get rather drunk on the train home on my own like the classy bitch I am.

When I arrived back at the station I bumped into a couple of cosplayers on the way back from expo! One was dressed as a meido Hatsune Miku! I gushed over her for ages lulululz. Then, quick as a flash i jumped into a taxi and was swept away to a party in full swing!!! i drank and danced myself silly! Got a couple of great pics from the night. This is my favourite tho; me, my bff kay and my guy-bff's boyfriend james all pretending to be JELLYFISH!!! :D

All in all i had a fantastic day and the Gals from Delight are absolutely fab, every single one of them :D :D :D i really hope i get to see them again soon and hopefully be a bit more talkative next time :) :)

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